Monday, November 28, 2005

ahhhhhh.*sobs* results not gd arh.oni gt 190/ grades oso not so gd seh..but malay surprisingly i gt A..WOW..! cool..first time gt A seh..if not alwaes eng okok ah.i gt and maths don say better.haiz i gt *C*..arhhhhh..not satisfied ah..but atleast dah dapat masuk express good readi..phew..lucky got into express seh..if not cannot get wad i want..lucky.ok la now i'll stop..byes..chaows


Tuesday, August 30, 2005

long time seh nvr post..okies..Ahhhhhh..i've just gt back my prelim papers n it is reali bad i could do betta actualli..haiz..wasted seh..the maths(ma fav sub) difficult seh..haiyo..i cant believe iddin is 2nd in class for maths..arghh..jeluz science gt 62.5 / 100..i thought i fail seh..teacher alwaes scare me ..u noe ah my science no good..then my maths i gt 53 /100 *wadddddd*..see so bad seh my malay even more ah..i gt oni 68 /100 seh but over 200 is 137.5 / MALAY u noe..haiz..thought i could do betta for my malay but i was wrong..i try my veri best seh but still maintain there..i wan to win english ok ok oni..over 95 i gt 55 /95..atleast improve from fail to pass..actuali i gt 54 but teacher make me wrong for the correct ans..hahaz..see must be alwaes sharp at things..but if over 100 i gt 65.5 / 100 ..if total over 400 ermm..let me count first its ..249.75 /400..soo noob ah..if average over 300 is 187.3125 /300.. but nvm i'll try harder for my psle..ok la gtg bb cyaz..


Saturday, July 30, 2005

i didnt expect that we, the athletics team will gonna have a BBq at bedok ria crescent..and its today..its an athletics gathering ah..donnoe wad will happen there..sureli noise n lots of noise haha..wad to wear seh..i'm still thinking.shhhh...quiet..hmm..wad time to meet em seh i still haven call em...haiyo..nvm la..


Tuesday, July 26, 2005
new eng teacher

gt new english teacher seh..she is Miss Desri Ann class thought she veri fierce but actuali no ah..not boring than Miss Lim..haha..her teaching is so good seh..i can understand every word she said..wwll she use to be my favourite tezcher after all..she is my p1 and p2 form teacher ..i like her veri much dat time...walau donnoe wad to say so..chow..c yaz


Friday, July 22, 2005
wad to give?? english reali lots of fun seh.Ravi so funi make teacher laugh n the whole class oso ah.wondering y izit dat english is beginning to be fun..*weird*..usuali boring but now i m reali into english ..guess dat eng is fun though.haizz...cant think of wad to give miss me!!..reali reali wan to give her a token ..cant tell u guys out there y i wan to give her a token.


Thursday, July 21, 2005
mi life

*yay* lucki no am elias seh (boring)..but oni maths fun(favourite subjects mah) racial harmony seh..muz wear traditional costumes lar this lar dat lar..haiyo so leceh..but didnt wear ar..wad for wear seh..later hard to run with the baju kurung..haizz racial harmony oso gt lesson.don care if we oreadi haf carnival on the 2nd of July lets haf fun ah.first lesson science.Mdm Poon wear kebaye nice seh, reali suit her.second lesson,english the moz boring of all.Thought dat english today boring..but i was totalli rong,fun ah..lots of laughters around.then recess.after recess eng again then maths*yay*..muz do section B and sum C..PRELIM paper ah..not so difficult oni don understand ah..then Malay lesson for 3 periods..i was alreadi asleep by then.the cool air freshen me up to sleep[hobbi] eyes cant control it animore..reali reali feel lyk sleeping...evritime i look at my watch oni 5 minutes past..the clock was damn fuckin slow seh.I wan to finish skool faz so i culd eat.I'm hungry ah dat time..but no money.After school i asked Mai 2 belanja money to buy me food.then tok tok about mi *secret* cant tell ah..then thew her bag on the floor coz we were toking bout sumone ah..then she suddenli tok up about *him*.I gt angry then took her bag and smack it down 2 the floor.then time to go tuition...i'm blank readi ok gtg bb..cyaz....


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